Music from the roots of London & New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Ska


wedding hands

The Fallen Heroes certainly don’t provide the average wedding band experience, they give you and your guests an evening to remember, full of fun and originality, a one off experience. Unlike some other wedding bands The Fallen Heroes don’t play cover songs all night, (perhaps a few if you insist) but they don’t do Frank Sinatra impersonations and don’t play like The Blues Brothers or The Commitments. What they do is give you The Fallen Heroes plain and simple. Their special mix of their own songs, with some real New Orleans Rhythm & Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Ska and Jazz will liven your guests up after the speeches. It will get your guests away from any foul smoking habits and into the marquee for your first dance, and for that one, they’ll play any song you want. They’ll even drag Uncle Charlie up there with them to dance on the table if you choose.

Alternatively you could hire ‘Bob Monkford’s Swinging Blues Boys’ and get the mundane experience of seeing Grandma dance with little baby Liam to Mustang Sally.

But you want your wedding to be a one off. Different to all the other weddings you’ve been to and music, the right music, is such an important part of your evening. The Fallen Heroes are not new to the wedding scene either, having played wedding parties for TV personalities such as Alan Davies, Phil Jupitus, Lisa Tarbuck, Stephen Fry (no it wasn’t his wedding) and Angus Deayton amongst many others. They even had Ainsley Harriot as a guest singer onstage at one wedding!

The Fallen Heroes are there for you two on your special day, bringing their music from the roots of London & New Orleans, playing Rhythm & Blues, Jazz and Ska. Yes they are different, your wedding should be too!

Contact them through the ‘contact us’ page and begin to discuss your requirements….